I was dealing with near unbearable pain in my left foot. I was barely able to get through each day. I was sure my neuropathy was the problem. I went to a local podiatrist who told me the only problem I had was the neuropathy in my feet and I needed to see a neurologist. After conferring with my family doctor he referred me to Dr. Sanjay Patel.

On my first visit, Dr. Patel diagnosed the problem as Plantar Fasciitis and began treatment. After following Dr. Patel’s advice I no longer have pain in my left foot.

Marsha P.

Ansonia, CT

If anyone is looking for a recommendation for a podiatrist, I would like to say that Dr. Sanjay Patel in Milford across the street from Milford Hospital. What a humanitarian, listens intently, compassionate & so knowledgeable about rheumatoid arthritis & offers any kind of support he can think of. Even if that means a box of tissues when you just need to let out anger about the ailments. It’s been 2 years that I’ve been working with him. Such a wonderful human being & doctor!

Chris S.

Milford, CT

I have spent most of my life with foot pain caused by neuroma’s (knots in the nerves).  I have been to at least 3 different podiatrists who have performed surgery and various other treatments in an attempt to alleviate my pain.  Nothing worked and I finally gave up.  For 16 years (since I had my first child) I have not been able to wear anything but crocks and flip flops due to the damage and pain.  I could not walk more than 1/2 block without having to stop and put my feet up to reduce the pain and swelling so I could continue on my way.  Then, a little over a year ago, I met Dr. Patel.

In the short time I have been a patient of Dr. Patel, he not only almost eliminated my foot pain but has also corrected my feet so I will be able to wear shoes again.  After 30+ years of foot doctor’s, I finally found one who knew my pain and knew how to correct it.  I’m so excited to be able to wear shoes again and pretty soon I should be able to take walks with my kids and maybe even start running again.  All thanks to the expertise of Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel is an honest man who does not believe in unnecessary surgery or appointments.  He truly wants to help and make his patients lives better.  He is also a wonderful and funny man and even though it’s never “fun” to go to the Dr., I certainly enjoy speaking with him during my foot appointments.  Dr. Patel and his wonderful staff are very supportive and caring and I recommend this practice to everyone looking to finally eliminate their foot problems. Dr. Patel knows his feet!

Lynn D.

Milford, CT

Absolutely the best doctor! Took my diabetic Mom to a number of podiatrists I’m sorry to say they were rude unkind and impatient I won’t mention names but Dr. Patel is wonderful patient kind and compassionate. Even treated me in a less invasive way where he could’ve been very aggressive and it fixed the problem. One time on my way home from Cancun he was on the same flight and he remembered me and we had a lovely conversation like we were old friends, a real person!

Vivian M.

Milford, CT

Compassionate, quality care. Dr. Patel has been my provider for two foot surgeries with quick successful outcomes. His office has helped me work with my insurance company to ensure coverage of a surgery-specific device, knee-walker, that made my surgical recovery so much better. Excellent service.

Lisa B.

Milford, CT

I went to Dr Patel recently and he’s very nice and thorough. He couldn’t resolve the nerve problem in my foot but checked it out to make sure there was a pulse, good blood flow and strength in my feet. He could have easily ripped me off, sold me orthotics, etc but he didn’t. Instead he referred me to a neurologist. I would go back to him in a minute.

Sue S.

Milford, CT

I have had a few minor foot problems and each time I have seen Dr. Patel, he is nice, professional and puts my mind at ease. The office staff and nurses are all very nice.  I always recommend Dr. Patel to friends who are looking for a podiatrist.  He is definitely one of the best.

Rachel Y.

I have a lot of doctors in various specialties that I like BUT Dr. Sanjay Patel is in a class of his own. He is caring and very personable, very easy to talk too and he does what he does without any unnecessary treatment. I went to another podiatrist, big name, spent a lot on different orthotics then went to Dr. Patel and ended up with over the counter inserts to solve the problem.

Charles G.

Milford, CT

Prior to having my bunion removed (10+years),boy was I nervous. But to tell the truth, Dr. Patel put me at ease with everything from start to finish. My foot healed exactly as he said, and I wondered why I put it off so long.

Susan nurse/office staff, took care of all the paper work and working with my insurance; always on hand to assist with all my questions.

When the time came for my other foot, well it was a no brainer. Dr. Patel is my only choice!

I would highly recommend this doctor for any and all foot issues—nothing to be afraid of -take care of those feet.

Donna C.

Hamden, CT

Both my wife and myself have been going to Dr Patel since he opened his practice. We both find him to be an excellent Doctor in Podiatry. He performed surgery on my wife today with little to know discomfort at all. Great job Dr. Patel.

Al and Carol P.

North Haven, CT