Swift Therapy for Plantar Warts

If you have come into direct contact with the human papillomavirus (HPV), you may have developed small growths on one or both feet. These growths tend to feel rough to the touch, and, if you look at them closely, you may even notice tiny black dots, which are clotted blood vessels. These small growths are what we call plantar warts, and they’re associated with an active HPV infection.

Plantar warts are mostly harmless, but they can become a source of pain, not to mention a source of embarrassment. Because plantar warts develop on your feet, a moderate to severe plantar warts outbreak can make it painful for you to walk. It’s also worth noting that plantar warts may enlarge or multiply over time. Though plantar warts do go away on their own, there’s no telling if it will take months or years.

Most patients elect to have their plantar warts removed. A standard at-home removal method involves repeated applications of a topical gel. Conventional removal methods in the clinical setting include freezing, cutting, and burning, but all of these surface-level methods can hurt because they involve penetrating the skin. Most notably, all of these methods attack the wart from the outside-in rather than the inside-out.

Podiatrists across the United States and beyond agree that the most advanced—and effective—treatment method on the market today is a laser-based therapy called Swift Therapy.

What Is Swift Therapy?

Swift Therapy is a type of immunotherapy. This means that it’s designed to elicit a response from your immune system. Remember, plantar warts are caused by a viral infection that has entered your body. In the case of HPV, you likely contracted the virus through a cut, small tear, or abrasion in your skin while walking barefoot through an area where the virus thrives (a public swimming pool or a locker room, for example). Your warts developed as a result of an active infection. They can go away if your body naturally eradicates that infection. Swift Therapy makes that happen.

How Does Swift Work?

Swift Therapy applies small, precise doses of microwave energy to the affected areas of your feet. Each 2-3 second dose is delivered through a specially designed probe that our team of podiatrists has been trained to operate. Microwave energy coagulates the soft tissue and causes a minor cellular disruption, which triggers your immune system to begin fighting off the virus.

plantar warts

Is Swift Effective?

Swift Therapy is so effective that it not only treats your irritating plantar warts but also prevents them from returning. We rely on Swift to give patients the long-term results they’re seeking. 

By taking an innovative approach to treating plantar warts, studies have shown that Swift Therapy has a high success rate—the highest, in fact, among all wart removal methods currently available.  

What can I expect from a Swift Treatment Session?

After we evaluate your feet and confirm the presence of plantar warts, you can elect to undergo laser therapy. It’ll be easy, quick, and convenient. Expect your treatment session to last approximately five to ten minutes. During your treatment session, we will deliver as many doses as your outbreak necessitates. You may feel a sharp pain, but the sensation won’t last more than a few seconds before it quickly subsides.

 Your plantar warts will not change in appearance immediately after your treatment session. On average, it takes a few days to begin noticing signs that your warts are regressing. The severity of your outbreak will ultimately determine how many Swift Therapy sessions you need. Most patients begin to see promising results after two to four sessions.

 Swift Therapy sessions are typically given in two-week intervals in order to give your body the adequate amount of time it needs to trigger its immune response. Since the skin is not broken, no bandages are required and no post-treatment protocols need to be followed. Patients can resume their normal activities at the conclusion of each session.

Should you have any questions or concerns about receiving Swift Therapy in order to treat your plantar warts, please be sure to speak with our office.

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Patel Podiatry is pleased to offer this revolutionary new therapy to our patients. For more information about Swift Therapy, please contact Patel Podiatry today. Our trusted team of podiatrists would be happy to discuss this treatment option with you, as well as answer any questions you may have. 

You may reach us at our Milford location by calling 203-876-7736 and our Hamden location by calling 203-288-4055. You’re also welcome to submit an appointment request via our online contact form. If your plantar warts are causing you pain or discomfort, Swift therapy can help you get back on your feet—wart-free!