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If you have toenail fungus, there is a safe and effective method that your podiatrist can use to eradicate it. At Patel Podiatry Family Foot Care & Surgery, we’re proud to offer patients the opportunity to receive laser treatment with Lunula Laser. Treatment sessions are quick, easy, and painless!

What Is the Lunula Laser?

Invented by low-level laser company Erchonia, Lunula Laser destroys toenail fungus (also known as onychomycosis) and stimulates new nail growth. Approved by the FDA, it’s a convenient and non-invasive laser treatment that podiatrists are using as a solution to one of the most stubborn and frustrating foot issues that people of any age can develop upon coming into contact with fungal spores.

How Does It Work?

Using a patented laser that produces two specific wavelengths, Lunula Laser targets the entire nail complex—the nail plate, nail bed, and germinal/matrix complex. This innovative low-level therapy does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin. Lunula Laser’s website also notes that it “not only destroys the fungal pathogen, it also improves circulation and strengthens the body’s immune response.”

Does It Hurt?

Lunula Laser treatment does not hurt. It’s a painless solution that treats toenail fungus and the issues associated with an active infection, including unsightly toenails, discomfort, and even toenail loss. No downtime or recovery period is necessary. On average, treatment sessions last about 15 minutes. The type, duration, and extent of the fungal disease will determine how many treatments are needed for clearance. Upon examination, the Doctor will tailor a specific treatment schedule for every patient, as each fungal infection is unique and needs proper management.

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What Conditions Does It Treat?

Lunula Laser treatment is specifically intended to address toenail fungus. By destroying the fungal organisms, the proprietary laser beams promote the overall health of your toenails. Once your toenail fungus infection is cleared, the risk of the infection spreading to other toes on your feet or being transmitted to other individuals will be greatly reduced.

How Effective Is It at Treating These Conditions?

According to Lunula Laser’s official website, a clinical study was conducted in the United States. Researchers concluded that the Lunula Laser “is an effective tool for increasing clear nail in toenails infected with onychomycosis.” While it may take a few months before you notice new nail growth, Lunula Laser’s high success rate should make you feel confident that you’ll see positive results.

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Come See Us to Schedule Your Lunula Appointment Today!

Our knowledgeable and passionate team at Patel Podiatry Family Foot Care & Surgery remains committed to providing the latest and most advanced methods to treat foot and ankle conditions. If you have toenail fungus, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today so you can learn more about the numerous benefits of Lunula Laser treatment.

Regardless of whether your infection is in the early stages or is rather advanced, Lunula Laser treatment has proven to be incredibly effective at addressing toenail fungus. Remember, toenail fungus does not go away on its own, so Contact Us today at 203-876-7736 (Milford) or 203-288-4055 (Hamden) or reach out to our staff through our website. We look forward to welcoming you into our office and helping you restore the health of your toenails!

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