You can’t always predict when you might have a problem with your feet and ankles. Under normal circumstances, when a problem emerges you’d simply call the office, schedule an appointment, and drive or ride to one of our offices for treatment.

These are not normal circumstances. And while our office is still open, many patients are understandably nervous about leaving their homes due to fears about COVID-19.

Fortunately, there’s another option: telemedicine. Dr. Patel has actually been offering virtual consults to his patients for several years now, so we are well trained and prepared to help you if you can’t or do not wish to make an in-person appointment.

Can Telemedicine Really Help Me?

Most of our patients have never had a virtual appointment before, and may be a little skeptical. But the truth is that telemedicine is a great option for all kinds of patients and appointments.

Many appointment types, in fact, can be conducted entirely remotely, including initial inspections and evaluations, follow-ups for things like post-surgery and diabetic wound recovery, and reviewing previous lab or diagnostic testing results.

Dr. Patel can take a look at your feet and ankles via video, ask you questions about your symptoms, and offer his evaluation and guidance. Of course, you’ll have the opportunity to ask him any questions about your care, too.

If we do determine during the appointment that you will need to make an in-person visit to the office so we can administer a treatment or provide you with one or more medications or products, that can be arranged as well. Understand that we are taking every possible precaution to keep our offices safe and germ-free.

What Do I Need?

You don’t need any special equipment or software to have a telemedicine visit with Dr. Patel. There are only three things you need, and most of our patients have them already:

  • A device that can make audio calls, like a smartphone, tablet computer, or laptop/desktop computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • A supported web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Please note: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are NOT supported at this time.
  • A strong Internet connection.

If you have any concerns about whether you have what you need to conduct the virtual appointment, please call and ask.

What Can I Expect?

Right now, the best way to schedule a telemedicine appointment is to call the office directly (as you would any other appointment) and ask for a virtual appointment. We’ll take your information, set up a time, and email you a consent form.

Before your appointment, we’ll also send you an SMS text or an email (whichever you prefer) with the link to our “online waiting room.” Once you’re on the correct page, you’ll have to “check in” with your name.

Your device may also ask you for permission to use your microphone and camera, or to turn on your webcam. Make sure you approve!

Once everything’s set and you’re in the waiting room, the video appointment will begin as soon as Dr. Patel is ready for you.

The Doctor Is In

Whatever might be preventing you from getting to our office—pandemic, lack of transportation, schedule conflicts of any sort—you shouldn’t have to wait indefinitely long to get the high-quality care you need.

Call our office today to schedule either a telemedicine or in-person appointment, or ask us which option may be best for you.