Treatment Technology

When it comes to helping our patients get better, things like experience, compassion, and taking a personalized approach to patient care make a huge difference.

But they’re also only part of the story. It’s not enough to just have the right knowledge and the right mindset. You also need the right tools!

Medical techniques and equipment continue to develop and advance, and the team at Family Foot Care & Surgery offers many advanced procedures and technologies to help our patients thrive! Read on to learn more about some of the evidenced-based tools we use on a regular basis.

Extracorporeal Radial Pulsewave Therapy (for Pain)

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a safe, painless, and advanced therapy that can accelerate the body’s natural healing and recovery from chronic soft tissue injuries. Heel pain from plantar fasciitis is the condition we treat most commonly with ESWT, but it can also be effective for tendinitis, muscle injuries, and others.

ESWT generates “pulses” of sonic waves that are delivered through a handheld applicator (no incisions) through the skin and deep into injured tissues. These pulses “disrupt” your cells just enough that they trigger biological processes critical for healing, including improved blood flow and reduced inflammation.

This is a great option that can be an effective alternative to surgery for chronic pain that hasn’t responded to other conservative treatments, or just as a way to reduce the amount of downtime after an injury.


Swift Microwave Therapy (for Warts)

Swift is a revolutionary new way to eliminate plantar warts that is not only more effective than traditional methods (such as peeling medications, cryotherapy, or excision), but also safer, more comfortable, and more convenient!

Rather than cutting out the wart, or burning or freezing it off, Swift works by treating the viral infection that caused the wart in the first place. Microwave energy is delivered to the upper layers of skin where the wart resides, which alerts the immune system to the infection and enables it to begin attacking the infection in force. Once this is accomplished, the wart itself will disappear naturally.

The microwave therapy only needs to be applied for 2-3 seconds, and it produces at most a very brief, minor discomfort. You won’t need any bandages, activity restrictions, or home care of any kind afterward.


Laser Therapy (for Fungal Toenails)

For many people, toenail fungus can cause significant frustration and embarrassment. We certainly understand why you might feel self-conscious about showing your toes if one or more of your nails appears thick, discolored, or even deformed. And unfortunately, traditional oral antifungal treatment may not be right for everyone due to the risk of side effects.

Fortunately, laser therapy provides an easier, safer, and more effective alternative! The beam of light emitted by the device can easily pass through the nail. It won’t harm your body in any way, but it’s deadly to the types of fungi that cause fungal nails.

One session takes about 15 minutes on average, and you may need 3-4 sessions to experience optimal results.

Custom Orthotics (for Pain and Alignment)

Your feet are incredibly complex mechanisms, and even tiny variations in the shape, structure, and range of motion of their various bones, muscles, soft tissues, and joints can have a noticeable effect on whether you can get through your daily activities without pain.

Custom orthotics can address those imbalances in sophisticated ways. Although a simple mass produced, over-the-counter insole may work for some people with minor aches and pains, custom orthotics are precisely tailored to the exact shape and needs of an individual.

Like a pair of prescription eyeglasses, wearing the right set of orthotics for your feet can reposition, realign, and support your feet in exactly the way they need to eliminate sources of pain—not just in the feet and ankles, but often further up the legs and spine, too!

Diagnostic Tools

Our offices are equipped with on-site ultrasound and digital X-ray capabilities. This allows us to quickly and conveniently get detailed images of both soft tissues and bones, right during your initial appointment. Consequently, we are able to make faster and more accurate diagnoses and personalize our treatment recommendations with greater detail. Ultrasound can also be used to provide precise guidance for injections.

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