You rely on your feet and ankles to take you just about everywhere you need to go, and help you do everything you love to do.

They are also highly complex structures, and susceptible to a wide variety of injuries, accidents, and even illnesses. And when your feet aren’t functioning as well as they should, the consequences to your quality of life—and even your long-term health—can be devastating if you don’t take action.

At Family Foot Care & Surgery, we provide a range of services to keep your feet operating as effectively and painlessly as possible. Some of these services include:

Advanced Technology

In the medical world, the “tools of the trade” are constantly being updated as new techniques are developed and new discoveries are made. While experience and personalized care go a long way, it’s important that we keep pace with these developments so you can continue to receive the highest quality care!

Some of the tools at our disposal include:

  • Extracorporeal Radial Pulsewave Therapy. This regenerative procedure uses “shockwaves” to boost your body’s own natural healing processes and accelerate recovery—without drugs or discomfort.
  • Swift Therapy for Warts. This breakthrough approach to treating warts uses short bursts of microwaves (just 2 seconds in duration) to help your immune system eliminate warts effectively from the inside out, rather than using harsh chemicals or surgery.
  • Laser Therapy for Toenails. Laser energy can pass through the nail and eradicate the fungus underneath, without harming healthy skin and tissue. It’s a safer, more effective, and more convenient option than oral antifungals.
  • Diagnostic Tools. Our office is equipped with digital X-ray and ultrasound on site to facilitate quick, accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment procedures right from the initial appointment.


3D Custom Orthotics and Arch Support

A large percentage of foot problems—and even pain that radiates up into the knees, hips, and back—can stem from a fundamental structural imbalance in your feet. If your feet can’t balance weight and pressure effectively, or joints don’t move quite the way that they should, the resulting alignment issues can throw your entire body off kilter.

Fortunately, many of these imbalances can be solved with a carefully selected pair of arch supports. Mild pain and discomfort usually respond well to an over-the-counter option as long as it’s been selected by an expert who understands your foot condition. More serious problems may require custom orthotics. Think of them like reading glasses or prescription glasses, except for your feet instead of your eyes.

Comprehensive Diabetic Foot and Wound Care

If you have diabetes, your feet are at elevated risk of injuries, wounds, infections, and other forms of damage. If you ignore the early warning signs of problems—and are slow to respond—diabetic complications can leave permanent repercussions, including the need for amputation.

However, those who take good care of their feet can almost always prevent the worst outcomes! In addition to providing annual comprehensive checkups and preventative care, we also provide emergency treatments for diabetic complications, including wounds and Charcot foot deformities. Let us help you keep your feet healthy and strong!

Pediatric Foot Care

Although we often inherit many of our foot structures from our parents, children’s feet can be very different from adult feet in many ways. They are still growing, still flexible, and they are susceptible to different kinds of conditions (which require different kinds of treatment approaches).

If your child is experiencing foot troubles, it’s best to address them as early as possible. We love working with children and have extensive experience treating children’s foot conditions like flat feet, Sever’s disease, and others. We do everything we can to make your child feel relaxed, informed, and well cared for.


In many cases, it may be difficult, impossible, or simply unwise to schedule an in-person visit to our office. Maybe you’re sick, or worried about getting sick. Perhaps you live too far away or don’t have convenient transportation, but still want to check in with a doctor you know and trust.

Telemedicine can help us stay in touch with you even in times when you can’t be physically present at our office. Although it won’t work for every kind of appointment, telemedicine is a great choice if you just need to ask a question, check in during the middle of a treatment plan, review test results, or have any other reason for an appointment that doesn’t necessary require us to administer a physical procedure.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Although conservative treatments are always recommended first whenever possible, some conditions will not get better without a surgical intervention.

If you are in this situation, know that you are in good hands. Dr. Patel is a board-certified foot surgeon with more than 30 years of surgical experience. Although we will never rush you into a surgical procedure, and will do everything we can to help you avoid one if possible, we will also make sure you get the high quality surgical care you deserve for those times when it’s truly necessary.

General Foot Care

Even if you haven’t seen your specific concern in any of the sections above, please understand that we are here to provide comprehensive foot and ankle care. From heel pain and sore arches to bunions, nerve pain, ingrown toenails and more, we have the training and experience to get you the treatment you need—or, at the very least, can connect you with other specialists who can.

The sooner you connect with us about your foot or ankle concern, the better we’re able to help you contain and eliminate it quickly, using the least invasive methods possible. To request an appointment, complete the contact form on this page or call us directly at 203-876-7736.