Surgical Procedures

Many people put off contacting a specialist like Dr. Sanjay Patel because they are concerned that their condition will need surgery to fix it. No one likes the idea of needing their foot opened up and having someone tamper with the insides. So what do you do when you hear the dreaded news that you do, in fact, need some surgical procedures to relieve your pain? Fortunately, surgery isn’t as frightening as some people think.

The Truth about Surgery

Surgical procedures are generally considered a last resort for treatment. Conservative remedies are the preferred method; they have fewer risks involved and don’t usually interrupt your life and activities. Not all conditions respond to noninvasive measures, however. When you are suffering from chronic pain and nothing else is helping, sometimes a procedure to work directly with the injured tissues can offer significant relief.

General Information

Medicine has come a long way, especially in the last few decades. Surgical procedures have become significantly safer and easier to perform, with better results. An invasive treatment is generally still considered a last resort for recovery, but in some cases, it can make a real difference for relieving your pain.

Achilles Surgery

A torn Achilles tendon may not heal correctly on its own, especially if it ruptured completely. You’ll need to have the damaged ends stitched back together so that they can heal.

Ankle Procedures

Many different injuries can lead to weakness, instability, and stiffness in the ankle joint—from sprains to arthritis. Connective tissue repairs, joint fusions, and ankle replacements are all possible treatments for chronic ankle pain. One of the most frequent ankle procedures is to realign and pin together bone fragments following a fracture.

Bunion Correction

Because bunions are technically a bone deformity, you do actually need a procedure to eliminate the issue. How this is performed largely depends on the severity of your condition. Toes can be realigned, joints fused in place, and bumps removed.

Hammertoe Procedures

Sometimes your toes become trapped in the bent position, also known as hammertoes. If the digit is rigid, you’ll need to have the imbalanced tendons released, so that the toe can straighten again. This can also include cutting portions of the bone or fusing joints.

Heel Surgery

This largely depends on the condition causing the chronic heel pain. Surgeries for the heel have advanced significantly, making it possible to release the plantar fascia or clip bone spurs using a tiny incision.

There is a wide variety of other possible surgeries, of course, such as arthritis repair, cyst removal, flatfoot correction, metatarsal surgery, nerve procedures, and toe surgery. Arthroscopy can also be used to both treat and diagnose stubborn foot issues.

Here at Family Foot Care & Surgery, L.L.C., we work hard to remedy painful problems in your feet and ankles using conservative methods first. If these noninvasive measures fail, however, we are able to help you move forward with surgical procedures to correction your conditions. If you’re struggling with stubborn pain that isn’t responding to regular treatment, don’t give up and decide to live with the pain. Contact our Milford and Hamden offices for an appointment or more information about your options. Call 203-876-7736 for the Milford location and 203-288-4055 for the Hamden office, or fill out the online contact form to reach us.