Skin and Nails

Our feet are on the front lines in a number of ways, bearing the weight of our bodies as well as enduring long treks stuffed in socks and shoes. Such circumstances can often do a number on our skin and nails.

Conditions like these are often thought of as mostly cosmetic concerns. But while having nice-looking feet is certainly important, properly addressing skin and nail problems can also go a long way toward preventing discomfort, pain, and even cracks or weaknesses that can pave the way to infection.

Our practice aims to treat our patients’ skin and nail problems in as quick, comfortable, and efficient ways as possible—often utilizing advanced technology to do so!

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Fungal Toenails

Toenail fungus has a way of stubbornly setting up base and thriving on the keratin within your nails. Gradually, your nails become thick, discolored, misshapen and brittle.

There are a variety of treatment methods for treating fungal nails, including topical and oral treatments. All of them have varied levels of success, and some are not even advisable for certain patients based on the side effects they cause.

Our most often preferred method is laser treatment. It is painless, gets deeper into the nail faster than other treatments can, and does not have any side effects or collateral damage to worry about.

Athlete’s Foot

Believe it or not, but the same types of fungus that can cause fungal nails can also cause athlete’s foot on the skin—in fact, the conditions can spread between your skin and nails, and even back to other nails!

Athlete’s foot often takes the form of a red, itchy, scaly, stinging rash, usually around the toes, sides, or soles of the feet.

While many cases of athlete’s foot are mild and can be treated with over-the-counter medication, contact us if your case is causing you severe pain or does not improve after a couple days of treatment.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection within the top layers of skin, causing small, rough, thickened growths.

The good news is that the warts are generally harmless unless they appear in a spot that is causing discomfort. The bad news is that it may take a year or longer for warts to disappear on their own!

We use Swift Therapy to stimulate the body’s own natural defenses and get rid of plantar warts faster. It is a much more comfortable and efficient alternative to cutting or acids.

Ingrown Toenails

When nails grow too curved, they can start to dig into the skin and cause painful inflammation.

While ingrown toenails can often be caused by poorly fitting footwear or improper toenail trimming, it is also possible to have nails that have a genetic predisposition to grow curved.

Many ingrown toenails are minor enough to treat at home. But if you are in severe pain, think your toenail is infected, or keep having ingrown toenails come back over and over again, don’t delay in giving us a call.

Corns and Calluses

Corns (small, raised tough spots) and calluses (flatter, wider tough spots) on your feet are often your body’s response against friction. It is building up and thickening the skin in an effort to protect it—but the results are not flattering or comfortable!

Addressing a corn or callus means addressing the source of friction. This could mean changes to footwear, or even adjusting how weight is distributed across your feet using custom orthotics or other treatments.

Good Foot Care IS Skin Deep

From warts to fungal nails, and even blisters and toenail trauma, Dr. Patel can help your feet stay healthy and better-looking in the face of whatever the world throws at them.

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