Fracture Vs. Extensor Tendinitis: Top of Foot Pain

Apr 14, 2014

Halloween is typically all about ghosts, goblins, costumes and trick or treating, but for some in New Haven, CT it is all about music! On October 31st, 2013 at midnight was the very popular annual Halloween Show put on by the Yale Symphony Orchestra. One of the biggest fall events in the area, the show treats guests to music that is a background to a silent film entirely created by and starring orchestra members. It is a fall event you don’t want to miss next time!

No matter what great adventure or event you are attending this fall, if foot pain is a part of it, the night can turn into being less than enjoyable. Top of foot pain can be particularly uncomfortable and the cause is often misdiagnosed. There are tendons in your foot that are attached to small muscles in the front of your leg. Two of the main tendons pass cross the front of the ankle, over the top of the foot and attach into your toes.

Tight calf muscles, over training in exercise, or a flattened arch can all lead to these tendons becoming irritated and inflamed, which results in a condition called extensor tendonitis. If a friend puts resistance on the top of your foot and you have pain as you try to bring your toes up against the resistance, it is possible you have this condition. It is also possible that there is a fracture to the metatarsal bones, which are the long bones in your foot behind your toes. Both of these situations would cause pain on the top of your foot.

At our podiatric office, we tailor our treatment to your needs. If you have foot pain, it is important for Dr. Sanjay Patel to fully diagnose the cause so the right treatment is applied. You never have to live with foot pain – don’t hesitate to call Family Foot Care & Surgery for help. Make an appointment by calling our office in Milford, CT at 203-876-7736 or in Hamden, CT at 203-288-4055.