Bike Riding and Foot Pain

Apr 14, 2014

Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace not only shed light on doping in the sport of cycling, but it also served as a reminder that racing can be grueling for those who ride clean. While cycling places less impact on the feet than running, there can still be pain associated with this form of exercise. Whether you’re a weekend rider, or you’re preparing for your first road race, foot pain may be an issue.

The force of pedaling falls almost entirely upon the feet. The bones, tendons, and muscles can be injured easily, so symptoms should never be ignored. No part of the foot is spared when it comes to cycling injuries of the feet.  From the toes to the heels, painful bruising, numbness, and swelling are just some of the symptoms that may be experienced. Sometimes, a person’s range of motion is affected, or the foot may become unstable. A condition known as “hot foot” among bike riders is a burning sensation in the ball of the foot. Symptoms that worsen, or that don’t subside after a few days require attention.

One of the most common reasons for foot pain from cycling is improper footwear. Cyclists often wear shoes that are too tight. Overuse injuries are also common. Always increase your workout gradually, and give your feet time to rest by cross-training. Falls while riding can cause sprains and breaks that are extremely painful.

Ride smart! Follow safety precautions, and listen to your body. If your feet hurt, it is a sign that something is wrong. Changing shoes, icing, and a few days of rest may be all that is required to get you back to your cycling routine. However, if your pain does not diminish, call the office of Sanjay Patel for a thorough examination. Make an appointment today by calling the Hamden, CT office at (203)288-4055, or the Milford, CT office at (203)876-7736. Online scheduling is also available.