Does it Feel Like You are Constantly on a Marble?

Apr 14, 2014

Have you ever had a feeling that you were walking on a marble or bunched-up sock? When you think about it, your feet experience various exhausting tasks every day. If you love to wear high heels or are part of a sports team, your feet are constantly under pressure. Your feet can experience so much pressure and stress that sometimes a growth called a neuroma can form within your foot.

A neuroma results from a benign tumor forming on a nerve. Morton’s neuroma is a very specific kind of neuroma and it generally forms between the third and forth metatarsal or toe bones. This is often a common condition in people who wear high heels or are involved in sports.

When wearing high heels with a heel higher than 2 ½ inches, your feet experience excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. This pressure combined with the narrow toe boxes, often associated with high heels, causes the nerve in the ball of your foot to get pinched. As the nerve experiences consistent pinching, it will develop a tumor. Similarly, in many sports activities an athlete’s foot experiences excessive forces which also put extreme pressure on the nerves in the foot. For this reason choosing the right shoe is very important.

A swollen nerve in the foot can make it feel like you are constantly stepping on a round object. You may also experience a burning or tingling sensation in the ball of the foot. Treating a neuroma can be easy in some cases. In these easy cases, corrective orthotics can be prescribed or cortisone shots can be administered. But in severe cases, surgery may be required.

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