Sever’s Disease and Baseball – Strike It Out at the Start

May 27, 2014

Once it warms up, it doesn’t taking long for neighborhood kids to get out to the local diamond and play catch. Watching a group of kids play a pick-up game of baseball makes you realize why it has long been considered America’s favorite pastime. With children and adolescents in regular play, it is important that you monitor their foot health. Sever’s disease and baseball are often paired together but there are ways to protect your kids and strike out this type of injury.

Let’s first explain what’s behind Sever’s disease. It is a common heel injury that develops when there is inflammation in the growth plate in the heel. It often occurs during adolescence when kids tend to go through a major growth spurt. This can cause the Achilles tendon and calf muscles to tighten, putting strain on this growth plate. Increased activity such as jumping, running and quick, aggressive movements can put a lot of stress on this area every time the foot strikes the ground. Direct trauma to the heel could also lead to this injury. If your child is involved in baseball, football, soccer, basketball or gymnastics, you want to be on the lookout for any complaint of heel pain, difficulty walking, or discomfort when you squeeze the heel.

Get symptoms looked at right away, because with proper care, this injury can be taken care of within a few weeks. Strike it out from the get-go with well-fitting shoes—those that have good shock absorption and do not put excess pressure on the heel. Heel pads in your child’s sports shoes may be helpful as well. At the onset of any discomfort, ice the heel after activity and do some heel stretches.

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